article: A Meeting of Paint and Photograph

A Meeting of Paint and Photograph


Written by ANNE DAY
Photographed by JUDITH PETROVICH

She says she’s waiting for the other shoe to drop, everything is going so well for Susan Skakel Rand of Salisbury. The impossibly young-looking Ms. Rand, a top seller for Elyse Harney Real Estate, has just hung her first one-woman show of “Painterly Photographs” at the Norfolk Library. Mother of three, real-estate executive and artist, Ms. Rand seems to be fulfilling all of her life’s dreams at once.

Ms. Rand chose the title for the show because the work is both photography and painting. The images some pictures of the leisure class enjoy in their leisure and some landscapes, is at once facile and complex. The postcard for the show is a triptych of young people on the beach. At first glance it is one painting, at second, it might have once been a photograph and at third, one notices the seams where the three pictures have merged. Not much is happening with the subjects, they stand posed for the camera-the movement is in the artist’s touch.

The Litchfield County Times