Essay for Susan Rand November 2, 2021

Susan Rand’s new work is an important figurative series depicting universal themes of interpersonal relationships rendered by an artist who keenly observes and intuits human dynamics.

In reductive environments, painted in Rand’s signature use of rich color and loose brushwork, anonymous human forms are interjected and portray themes of joy, inclusion, fear and longing.

These canvases and panels have been worked up, scraped down and left to reveal the renderings of an artist fully conversant in and enjoying her medium’s abilities. The surfaces seem to jump and play while supporting the new narrative of figures, sometimes solid, sometimes dissolving, in relationships that conjure at once carefree delight and anxious contemplation.

In Mother and Child, where a protective mother and her child venture into a watery world, prepared for its consequences, a fully clothed on-looker cannot participate. Why is the on-looker not joining the duo? Why is she not subjecting herself to that foreboding blue?

Similar questions arise in Swimmers United #1. The Milton Avery-like shapes of beach, sea and sky show a young swimmer in the light blue shape ready to jump in. Will she enjoy the currents of that light blue shape or will she venture further into the dark blue where figures dissipate?

This new body of work by Susan Rand challenges the viewer to trust what she does not see and respond viscerally to the basic and complex life experiences before her.

Lee Findlay Potter October 29, 2021


Standard Space, Sharon , Ct. featured artist
Fishers Island Community Center group exhibit

North Elm Home Millerton, N.Y.

Pandion Gallery, Fishers Island, N.Y.

Pandion Gallery, Fishers Island, N.Y.

The Norfolk Library

Sanford Smith Fine Art, Great Barrington, Ma. featured artist
Robert Andrew Parker selected Works, Washington Art Association, Washington Depot, Ct.

Sanford Smith Fine Art, Great Barrington, Ma. featured artist
Washington Art Association featured artist
Pandion Gallery Fishers Island, N.Y.
Goddard College, Plainfield Vermont solo show

Tremaine Gallery , Salisbury School, Salisbury, Ct.
Eckert Fine Art, Kent, Ct.

Vermont Studio Center artist grant residency
The Norfolk Library , solo show
Pandion Gallery, Fishers Island, N.Y.

Tyrone Guthrie Centre residency, Co. Monahan, Ireland
The RE Institute
Art Hamptons
Art Palm Beach
Eckert Fine Art
Brick Walk Fine Art
Hotchkiss Library

Brick Walk Fine Art
Palm Beach 3
Ct. Art, Now and Then, Eckert Fine Art, Kent, Ct.

Eckert Fine Art, Kent , Ct.
The Norfolk Library, solo show

The White Gallery, Lakeville, Ct. solo show

Vermont Studio Center artist grant residency

The White Gallery, Lakeville, Ct. solo show
Vermont Studio Center residency

The Norfolk library, Norfolk, Ct. solo show

Tremaine Gallery at Hotchkiss School
Morgan Lehman Gallery, Lakeville, Ct.

Morgan Lehman Gallery, Lakeville

Tremaine Gallery, The Hotchkiss School

The Norfolk Library, Norfolk, Ct. solo show

1997 1998
Eckert Fine Art, Naples Florida

B.F.A., Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont

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